"A number of years ago we were introduced to the teaching tapes of David Pawson while on holiday in Thailand. We were immediately attracted to his love for the Scriptures, sound exegesis, his ability to make truths simple and relevant while holding the listener’s attention with the freshness of his insights. His evident love for the Lord and dependence on the Holy Spirit shines through in each tape. He is a diligent and thorough student of the Word, "who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old".

--Rev. C. Olson, Willmar MN

"Last year I attended seminary part-time for the purpose of gaining more insight into the wonderful God that we serve. Instead I found that my experience consisted more of listening to intricate theological debate on every theory and scripture imaginable. All of this is to say that my goal was not exactly met. However I take a moment to recommend to you a tape series by David Pawson, "Unlocking the Bible". As far as I'm concerned what I was searching for at seminary, I have found in these tapes. Each tape not only contributes to your understanding of the history and time period of the book, but the purpose of the author and what it tells you about the heart and mind of God. You receive a total picture, which is often just what is lacking in a lot of Bible teaching today. The tapes are refreshing, and Mr. Pawson is a knowledgeable and charming teacher. Every time I listen to one I think how wonderful they would be for a home group, or for the unchurched to come and gain an understanding. They are for the beginner in Bible study as well as those who are very familiar with the text."  

--C. Samuel, Revere MA

"I have been listening to David's teaching and teaching at a Christian school for 14 years. The past few years I have left more of our "official materials" and have adopted more of David's. This year I have completely abandoned my "curriculum text/materials" and have instead used my outlines and notes from David's teachings. You should SEE the interest and questions the kids have after I simplify the Bible and use David's approach! It is incredible. I had a group of 24 sixth graders BEG me to allow them to eat their lunches inside and skip recess (some of them) so that we could continue our discussion on LEVITICUS!"

--D Tripps, Minneapolis MN

"David Pawson’s Bible teaching tapes have given me more help and inspiration in studying and teaching the Bible than any other source I’ve found. He is truly a gifted Bible teacher."  

--R. Latham, Hollandale MS

"I have been blessed by listening to David Pawson’s Bible teaching tapes. His series on Prayer is outstanding. I highly recommend ANY of his tapes."  

--Rev. B. Campbell, Chelmsford MA

"David Pawson's teaching series on Unlocking the Bible is one of those rare experiences that only comes once in a great while. In this series Mr. Pawson has uniquely harmonized many of the principles of the Old Testament with the New and the New with the Old without losing the distinctiveness of each. Throughout the series Mr. Pawson, by means of lucid explanations, examples, charts and graphs renders the most complex of Scriptural passages clear and open to all, truly "unlocking the Bible". I would highly recommend Unlocking the Bible video tape series to anyone who has the desire to move beyond the basics of Christian faith and teaching."

--Rev. T. Powell, Victoria, BC Canada

"I look forward to each audio tape by David Pawson. His messages are clear and simple in presentation and yet very profound in content and he provides applications of "practicing what he is preaching."... God bless him."  

-- J. Langelier, Marlboro MA

"I think David Pawson’s videos, "Unlocking the Bible" are excellent. They encourage one to delve a little deeper to find the gems hidden there; they clarify many of the passages I find difficult to understand."

--J. Murray, Shediac Bridge, N.B. Canada

"We heard David Pawson once and found his explanation of a well known passage of the Gospel to be incredibly luminous, the kind of experience that makes you wonder why it was never explained to you that way before. Since then we have been watching videotapes or listening to audio tapes by David Pawson thanks to Good Seed Ministries. We have found all the tapes to provide amazing enrichment to our understanding of the Bible and our love of "Daddy in Heaven". As Laurie, my wife, said: "It's almost dangerous to listen to those tapes while driving, because David Pawson is so good that you may forget what you are doing to concentrate on what he says" The Lord has blessed David Pawson, and we are blessed by his blessing."

--G. Walle, Bedford MA

"In these days when there is such an abundance of controversial doctrines, David Pawson's tapes, based solely on Scripture, are a beacon of light shining in the darkness."

--HRWestmoreland, Victoria, BC Canada

"We've had almost 30 years of good in-depth Bible teaching, which long ago included several years of direct involvement in a Bible teaching ministry. Yet every time we listen to one of David Pawson's videos, we can't believe how much we don't know! It's obvious that his knowledge of Scripture is extensive, and yet he makes everything so interesting and relevant."  

--B. Griswold, Palm City FL


Excerpts from conversations


"I lead a College group at a local church and took them through the videos...they loved them. I enjoy watching their eyes widen as the light bulbs start to come on...It is great!"

"What a truly gifted and humble teacher...amazing."

"these are the best teachings I've found"

"David is so clear and easy to understand even when dealing with very difficult topics"

"Just outstanding"

"I'm going to buy the whole set"

"What solid teachings...we haven't seen anything that can compare."

"I'm going to send this to my (friend, Mother, Father, Pastor, etc.)."

"The Bible has taken on a whole new meaning for me."

"Leviticus used to be so hard to read. Now I love it."