About David Pawson

Born in 1930, David Pawson began his career with a B.Sc. in agriculture at Durham University in England. With a newly acquired farm in Scotland, David was surprised when God intervened and led him to become a Christian minister. After completing an MA in Theology at Cambridge University, David became a chaplain in the Royal Air Force for three years. David moved on to pastor a number of churches in England including the Millmead Center in Guildford where under David’s caring leadership, the church became a model for many UK church pastors. In 1979 David was released from Guildford to fulfill a wider ministry to the nation of England and beyond. For the past 25 years David has had an itinerant ministry predominantly through seminars for church leaders in Asia, Australia, Africa, England, and Europe. Millions of copies of his audiocassette Bible teachings have been distributed to over 120 countries. He is a writer and speaker of urgency, clarity, and uncompromising faithfulness to the Scriptures. He is widely considered to be one of the world's finest biblical expositors.

A Partial list of Published books include: "The Normal Christian Birth" "Truth to Tell" "When Jesus Returns" "The Road to Hell" "The Challenge of Islam to Christians" "Word and Spirit Together" (Fourth Wave) "Once Saved, Always Saved?" "Explaining the Resurrection" "Explaining Water Baptism" "Is the 'Blessing' (Toronto) Biblical?" "Explaining the Second Coming" "Leadership is Male" "Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit" David recently completed "Unlocking the Bible", a series of 43 videos available in DVD and videocassette. In this series of videos covering each of the 66 books, the writers and writings of the Bible are explored with a view to answering one simple question: why was this book written? In each case there is a human answer (the immediate situation) and a divine answer (the ultimate purpose). Both prove to be the keys to unlock each book for the interested reader. "The Bible has become a new book for me" is the typical reaction of listeners. David currently resides in England with his wife Enid.