Jesus Letters to His Churches

Why were the only letters Jesus himself ever sent addressed to a circuit of churches in the south-west corner of what is now Turkey? And why did Satan choose to locate his permanent residence on earth in the very same district?

The answer is that both time and place were critical for the survival of the body of Christ in the face of pagan religion and wordly culture. If the saints could ‘overcome’ here, they would be able to do so in all places and through all times.

The seven letters therefore have a permanent message, as well as a particularly contemporary application. The world is still very much with us, seeking to ‘overcome’ the church by external persecution or internal corruption. But the risen, ascended, returning Lord still walks among his churches, encouraging with promised rewards and warning of eternal loss.

These studies will leave the viewer with two questions that must be answered:

Which letter describes the church I belong to?

Am I an ‘overcomer’, in the church and the world?

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