Pawson mp3 Collection 5

Pawson mp3 Collection 5

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Good Seed Ministries is offering audio DVD's that contain virtually all of David Pawson's teachings

Audio DVDs are like audio CDs in that they only play audio files. However, they hold much more data. There are well over 100 messages on each audio DVD. This is a significant bargain since the cost of the individual MP3s is $5 each. The audio DVDs file format is .MP3 The individual files will appear on the DVD just like they do on a CD. Double click or open them and they will play. They can be downloaded to your IPOD or other MP3 Player for your personal use, however, the files are Copyright protected.

Disc 5: 

Easter Studies (5) (See also each relevant passage in the Gospels.) 
Part 1 and 2 It Is Finished To whom spoken? What did these words mean? Our call to service and sacrifice. 
Crucifixion Proof Many details; cause of death. 
Resurrection Evidence Overwhelming circumstantial evidence. 
Significance of the Resurrection Who is Jesus and what test is there? What is death? 
Head In The Clouds (6)– A fresh look at the Second Coming. What will happen in the future? 
Second Coming Today Starts Tomorrow & Royal Visit 
Second Coming Signs Of The Time 
Second Coming Any Moment Now? 
Second Coming Mission Accomplished 
Second Coming Here To Stay 
Second Coming Back To Work 
The Final Facts (6) David gives clear teaching on the subject of the Last Things 
The Return Of Christ. Part 1. 
The Return Of Christ. Part 2 
Day Of Judgement 
Punishment of Hell. Part 1 
Punishment of Hell. Part 2 
Reward of Heaven 
The Normal Christian Birth (6)A fresh look at the birthing of a new Christian. 
Born Again 
Repent Of Your Sins Toward God 
Believe In The Lord Jesus 
Be Baptised In Water 
Receive The Holy Spirit 
Saved At Last 
Unlocking The Old Testament(37) 
These are sound tracks from the Videos of the same name. 
Genesis 1 The Basic Book 2 Creator & Creation 
3 Creatures & Evolution 4 Eden & Babel 
5 Abraham, Isaac & Jacob 6 Joseph & Jesus 
Leviticus (1) 
Leviticus (2) 
Chronicles & Haggai 
Ezra & Nehemiah 
Song Of Songs 
Isaiah (1) 
Isaiah (2) 
Micah & Jeremiah (1) 
Jeremiah( 2) & Lamentations 
Ezekiel (1) 
Ezekiel (2) 
Daniel (1) 
Daniel (2) & Esther 
Obadiah & Joel 
Zephaniah & Habakkuk 
O.T Overview & Poetry 
Unlocking The New Testament (18) These are sound tracks from the Videos of the same name. 
Mark & Luke 
1 & 2 Corinthians 
Paul & His Letters 
Colossians & Ephesians 
Philippians & Philemon 
1 & 2 Thessalonians 
Timothy & Titus 
1 & 2 Peter 
Letters Of John 
Revelation (Part 1) 
Jude & Revelation (Part 2) 
Problems Of Faith in the 20th Century (6) 
What About Other Religions 
Does God approve of War? 
God & Suffering 
Health & Healing 
Capital Punishment 
Creation (5) 
In The Beginning 
The Seven Days Of Creation 
The Origin Of Man 
Satan Exposed 
Evolution & Its Effects 
The Kingdom (6) 
The Kingdom Of God 
The Kingdom Of Satan 
The Kingdom Of Israel 
The Kingdom Of Christ 
The Holy Spirit 
The Prospects For The Kingdom 
The Uniqueness Of Christ (6) 
Is He The Only Way? 
What Is Truth? 
Were His Deeds & Words Unique? 
Who Did He Think He Was? 
When Did His Life End? 
When Did His Life Begin? 
Leadership Is Male (4)- An important subject for today – the difference between 
masculinity and femininity and Satan’s attempt to destroy God’s created order. 
In The Image Of God 
Responsibilities Of Men & Women 
Redeemed Men & Women 
Joint Heirs Of Eternal Life 
Salvation (6) 
Saved From Sin 
Saved By Grace 
Saved Through Faith 
Saved With Assurance 
Saved To Holiness 
Saved For Eternity 
Some Studies On Evangelism (6) 
The World 
The Church-Pentecost 
Content Of The Gospel 
Communicating The Gospel 
Get Back Into The World 
Four Marks Of The True Church (4) 
1. Suffering (Phil. 1) 
2. Unity (Phil. 2) 
3. Perseverance (Phil. 3) 
4. Partnership (Phil. 4) 
De-Greecing The Church.(1) Revealing Greek influence today. Highly recommended. 
Jesus Christ (3) 
1. The Charismatic Jesus 
2. The Cosmic Christ 
3. The Apocalyptic Lord 
Jesus’ Letters To His Churches (9) 
1. Present Temptations & Trials A 
2. Loyal But Loveless (Ephesus) A 
3. Afflicted But Affluent (Smyrna) B 
4. Faithful But Flawed (Pergamum) A 
5. Committed But Compromised (Thyatira)B 
6. Dynamic But Dying (Sardis) A 
7. Small But Significant (Philadelphia) B 
8. Crowded But Christless (Laodicea) A 
9. Future Tribulations & Triumphs B