Pawson mp3 Collection 4

Pawson mp3 Collection 4

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Good Seed Ministries is offering audio DVD's that contain virtually all of David Pawson's teachings

Audio DVDs are like audio CDs in that they only play audio files. However, they hold much more data. There are well over 100 messages on each audio DVD. This is a significant bargain since the cost of the individual MP3s is $5 each. The audio DVDs file format is .MP3 The individual files will appear on the DVD just like they do on a CD. Double click or open them and they will play. They can be downloaded to your IPOD or other MP3 Player for your personal use, however, the files are Copyright protected.

Disc 4: 

Peter The Reed & The Rock (19) 
John 1:19-42. Peter called & renamed. A demand & an offer. 
Luke 8. Peter witnesses healing. Jesus can heal in the spirit too. 
Matthew 14 & 17. Miracles. Faith. Miracles point to a message. 
Matthew 16:13-25. Jesus’ identity. The Keys of the Kingdom. 
Luke 9:28-36. Transfiguration teaches life after death. 
Matt 18:21-22 & Luke 12:41. Temperament and Experience. 
John 13. Jesus with disciples. Love, power, service. Peter’s vow. 
Matthew 26:31-75. Peter fails. Beginning of the rock. 
1 Corinthians 15:1-28. Eyewitness evidence of the resurrection. 
John 21. Despondent Peter meets Jesus who re-commissions him. 
Acts 1. Peter begins his job as pastor. 
Acts 2. Peter, drenched in H. Spirit – his tongue in control at last. 
Acts 3:1-4:31. A renewed Peter talks to crowd & lectures court. 
Acts 4:31-5:42. Condition for victory over circumstances. 
Acts 8 & 9. Samaria, Lydia, Joppa. God thrusting Peter out. 
Acts 10. Inherited religious scruples & attitudes. No favourites. 
Acts 12. Why did James die & Peter go free? 
Acts 6 & 15 & Gal 2. Clear principles but flexibility in practice. 
Home Safe & Sound. Peter and his wife at Rome. His letters. 
Angels (3) 
Good Angels Origin & functions. Biblical & Modern 
Bad Angels Where did evil begin. What are their aims? 
Conflict Of Supernatural Powers The defeat of evil. 
Baptism-Three Studies (3) 
1 Kings 8:22-30. Can something done to the body benefit the soul? 
What God Does. What does the physical act mean to the believer? 
What Does "Baptise" Mean? Historical, literal, metaphorical. 
Baptismal Services (11) 
The Sacrament Clean dirt and dirty dirt. How we get clean from sin. God’s way. 
O.T. Circumcision The connection. How baptism is a step towards the risen life of Christ. 
John 13 A totally clean start to a new life. 
Both Saviour & Lord What it means to be a Christian. The Gospel: A demand & an offer. 
Luke 3:1-20-A Fresh Start The two baptisms. 
John 3 & Revelation 20 Two births, two deaths. Why? 
Isaiah 43 Meeting temptation, persecution, suffering, death. 
Luke 3 The Baptism Of Jesus What John preached and how Jesus identified Himself with His subjects. 
Colossians 2:6 The Christian’s walk; his new direction and life style. 
Mark 8:38 Why are we ever ashamed of Jesus? The reasons and the remedy. 
John 3:16 
Christian Conscience (11) 
Conscience-Law & Morality Historical; Church & State through the centuries. 
Clear Conscience How conscience may be twisted. 
Guilty Conscience How good was a Pharisee? 
Guidance Proverbs 3:1-26. A testimony. 
What Is Conscience? Romans 1:18 ff. 
Gambling Harmless in moderation or always wrong? 
Investment & Insurance How we can view insurance. 
Abortion The position today in Britain. 
Alcohol. Alcohol in the Bible, its uses and abuses. 
Sex, Love & Marriage Modern attitudes to romantic love, erotic love and married love. 
God All In All The tension of living a sacred life in a secular world and the answer to the problem. 
Christian Efficiency (7) 
The Use Of Our Time How much time do we have? 
The Use Of Our Money How to get and how not to get money. 
The Use Of Our Talents …... 
Towards Spiritual Maturity 
73 The Use Of Our Homes 
Temptations-God is Faithful.. 
Food. Deut. 8 & Luke 16. 
Church History (11) 
AD 30 – AD 400. How the Church captured the world. 
AD 400 - AD 1400. How the world captured the Church. 
The Reformation How errors were challenged and first things put first. 
16th Century Reformation becomes revolution. 
17th Century The fight for freedom of worship. 
18th Century Rationalism and revivalism in a morally rotten society. 
1800-1850 Christianity and the population explosion. 
1850-1900 What the Holy Spirit did and the prospect of world evangelisation. 
1900-1968 Effect of two world wars on the spread of the Gospel. 
The Church In The Future The near future, the intermediate future. 
The Return Of Jesus Coming of anti-Christ. Tenor of NT teaching. 
Church Membership (16) 
The Church Of Jesus Christ What it is, how it started, and where it is today. 
What Is The Church For? Her purpose, both as regards attitude to God and to other people. 
The Body Of Christ Both an organisation and an organism and what this means. 
Worship What we give and what God gives. Conditions for giving and receiving. 
The Lord’s Table Three dimensions – past, present, future. Eating unworthily. Contact with Christ Himself. 
Fellowship The only limitation. 
On Doing Good. 
Money Living by faith and what it means. How the Church meets its costs. 
Evangelism What the term means and why we evangelise. 
The Local Church Organisation of N.T. Church and present day factors. 
Church Government The Head, Jesus Christ; the Vicar, the Holy Spirit; Elders; members. 
The Church Is A Family Characteristics expected of a good family. 
Obedience, John 14 Obedience of Christ to His Father, of Christians to Christ, to other Christians and to non-Christians. 
Personal Relationships, John 13 Jesus’ special love for His own. The test of love for Him. 
Open My Eyes How Satan distorts our vision of ourselves, of other Christians and of God. 
Into The World How can the Church face its task. The world’s urgent need. 
God & His World (10) 
The Greatness Of God. Intellectual difficulties in getting to know Him. 
The Goodness Of God. Moral difficulties in getting to know Him. How good is God? 
The Grace Of God. Emotional difficulties in getting to know Him. 
God The Great Artist. How, when, why did it all begin? 
Crumbling Society. Why does a society become corrupt? 
Peace. What is peace? Can we have peace with God? 
Whose World? Does it belong to God, the Devil or Christ? 
God’s Curse Removed. The meaning of ‘curse’ and the consequences. 
Where There Is No Vision. Review the week’s news (31.3.79). 
Christians & Crime. When God removes control – what? 
See also CS06 Get Back Into The World 
The Holy Spirit (20) 
The Old Testament 
Matthew, Mark, Luke 
Early Chapters John 
John 14,15,16 
End Of John 
Acts (Part 1) 
Acts 7:1-8:3 (Part 2) 
Acts (Part 3) 
Romans 5,7,8 
Romans 8-15 
1 Corinthians 
1 Corinthians 12 
Galatians (Part 1) 
Galatians (Part 2) 
In The Old Testament 
In The New Testament (1) 
In The New Testament (2) Holy Spirit In History 
Gifts Of The Spirit (10) 
Whitsun Sermon. The third Person in the Trinity and what He gives. Full Christian assurance. 
Baptism Of The Spirit. Views held and the result of being drenched in Holy Spirit. 
1 Corinthians 12. Spiritual gifts. Function of His holy body passed on to others. 
1 Corinthians 13. Love, most excellent way. A description not an exhortation. 
1 Corinthians 14. Gifts with love. Restraints. True worship. 
Galatians 5:13-6:5. Fruit of the Spirit. Supernatural, appearing gradually, permanent. 
Prophetic Christian Witness. 
Laying on of Hands. How does a physical act give spiritual results? 
Ephesians 4:30. Do not make the Holy Spirit sad. 
Whitsun Sermon – Samson. His story, his task, his weakness and God’s strength in weakness. 
Charismatics & Evangelicals (6) 
Are we ready to come together? For the last quarter of a century, Charismatics and Evangelicals 
Charismatics Characterised 
Evangelicals Examined 
Theology & Scripture 
Initiation & Glossolalia 
Ministry & Worship 
Holiness & Unity Side 
Life After Death (6) 
Death– Should we fear or welcome it? The two destinations. Ecclesiastes 12:1-7. 
Between Death & Resurrection. Temporary separation of body and spirit. Consciousness. . 
Resurrection. The ‘just’ and ‘unjust’. When? How? Our bodies? 1 Corinthians 15:33-57 
Judgement. A talk with a funeral director. Injustice and judgement. 
Hell. Intellectual, Biblical and practical considerations. Objections considered. 
Questions. Further questions. Bible teaching about Heaven. 
Prayer (8) 
To The Father 
Through The Son 
Against The Devil 
With The Saints 
By Myself 
In The Spirit 
For Others 
Without Hindrance 
The Lord’s Prayer (8) 
Our Father Who Art In Heaven Hallowed Be Thy Name 
Thy Kingdom Come 
Thy Will Be Done 
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread 
Forgive Us Our Trespasses 
Lead Us Not Into Temptation 
For Thine Is The Kingdom 
Studies On Prayer (4) 
Prayers Of Moses His response to God’s call . Stages in his prayer life. 
Prayers Of Samuel & Hannah Hannah – natural, supernatural and Prophetic. Samuel – some unwelcome answers 
Prayers Of Nehemiah Long and short prayers and what prompted them. His appeal to God. 
Mary & The Magnificat Facts about her more extraordinary than tradition. What sort of people does God use? 
The Character Of God (10) 
A, B, C, – "Almighty, Bountiful, Creator" 
D, E, F, G, – "Divinity, Eternal, Fatherly, Good" 
H, I, J, – "Holiness, Indignation, Justice" 
K, L, M, – "Kindness, Love, Mercy" 
N, – Names 
O, P, Q, – "Order, Peace, Quiet" 
R, S, – "Reign, Sovereignty" 
T, U, – "Trinity, Unity" 
V, W, - "Vengeance, Wrath" 
X. Y. Z. – "X is the centre of Christianity, Year and Zeal of the Lord" 
The Anger Of God (3) 
The Past - Psalm 2 
The Present - Romans 1 
The Future - Revelation 6 
The Character Of Jesus (13) 
The Obedience Of Jesus 
The Compassion Of Jesus 
The Honesty Of Jesus 
The Anger Of Jesus Is anger right or wrong? 
The Body Of Jesus 
Was The Cross Necessary? God’s mercy, law, & love 
The Name Of Jesus What the name conveys; power in the name. 
The Divinity of Jesus and His Humanity (Matt. 16). Creeds & Scriptures. 
A Meal With Jesus 
The Lord’s Table Central act of worship. 
Our Lord’s Use Of Parables (Is. 6)- A modern parable and an old one. 
The Hope Of His Coming How should Christians live? 
The Coming Judgement Will Christians be judged? 
What We Believe (15) 
God-His Greatness 
God-His Goodness 
God-His Grace 
About Man 
Jesus-Son Of God 
Jesus-Saviour Of Man 
Jesus-Lord Of All 
About Salvation 
About Conversion 
Holy Spirit-His Person 
Holy Spirit-His Power 
About The Church 
About The Future 
About The Bible 
Taken Up With Jesus [The Ascension Explained]