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Concentrated Teachings - MP3 DVD-6

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Good Seed Ministries is offering audio DVD's that contain virtually all of David Pawson's teachings

Audio DVDs are like audio CDs in that they only play audio files. However, they hold much more data. There are well over 100 messages on each audio DVD. This is a significant bargain since the cost of the individual MP3s is $5 each. The audio DVDs file format is .MP3 The individual files will appear on the DVD just like they do on a CD. Double click or open them and they will play. They can be downloaded to your IPOD or other MP3 Player for your personal use, however, the files are Copyright protected.

Disc 6:

I and II Kings (18)
A Christian Perspective on 9/11 (2)
Applying Old Testament Prophecies to Church & Nation Today(2)
Back to Bible Basics(5)
Hope (2)
Israel (15)
Israel in the New Testament-Revelation (6)
Israel in the New Testament-Romans (3)
Lessons of The Holocaust for Jews and Christians(2)
Men For God(4)
Natural Disasters - A Biblical Perspective(3)
Other Beliefs(10)
Other Studies (13)
Presenting the Word of God (2)
Problems of Faith in 21st Century(7)
Reflections on The Passion of the Christ(2)
Re-Marriage After Divorce(3)
Salt and Light(2)
Shrinking Church in a Secular Society(2)
Some Studies on The Future(4)
The Challenge of Islam to Christians(6)
The Church(5)
The Church World, Britain & Israel(2)
The Five Covenants of God(2)
Yes, I Am Coming Soon(3)
There is No God But Abba(3)
What About John 3:16?(3)
Worship Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow(3)
Christ is Risen
God’s Special Relationship With the Jews
He will Baptize You in The Holy Spirit
Bible is a Library
The Man Who Chose to be Born
The True God and the True Gospel
We need to Receive the Holy Spirit
Why Would anyone be Afraid of God
Work a Blessing or Curse

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