Unlocking the Bible

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(Note: These CDs are the audio portion of the DVD videos)

The Bible contains great variety, having over forty human authors, writing over a period of fourteen hundred years. It also exhibits remarkable unity with one divine editor blending all its parts into one whole.

In this series of teachings covering each of the 66 books, the writers and writings of the Bible are explored with a view to answering one simple question: why was this book written? In each case there is a human answer (the immediate situation) and a divine answer (the ultimate purpose). Both prove to be the keys to unlock each book for the interested reader. “The Bible has become a new book for me” was the typical reaction of listeners to the original series of talks.

These CDs are the fruit of forty years of studying and teaching the Bible by noted speaker and author, David Pawson, whose audio and DVD Bible teaching ministry has distributed several million copies reaching over 120 countries and whose books include “The Normal Christian Birth”, “Truth to Tell”, “The Road to Hell”, “When Jesus Returns”, “Once Saved, Always Saved?”, “Fourth Wave”,“Explaining the Resurrection”, “Explaining Water Baptism”, and “Is the Blessing (Toronto) Biblical?”

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